Friday, 31 July 2015

Lego Maersk Container Ship Display Case

Lego Maersk Container Ship in a Display CaseLego seems to be getting more and more popular every year, and not just being used by children, this container ship was built by Johno Robertson (an adult and one of our customers) and displayed in one of our custom sized display cases.
The enjoyment doesn't just come from building with Lego bricks, but the finished model also looks very good, and can be displayed effectively in your front room.

Lego Maersk Container Ship in a Display Case

Lego The Company

Lego the company was started in 1934, and started making the interlocking bricks we know of today in 1949, and has now become a global brand, which not only includes the model bricks, but also its own chain of Lego stores, childrens clothes, books, board games,Theme parks, video games, films and TV programs.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Skeleton Clock Display Cover

We are increasingly making more display cases for skeleton clocks, This could be due to an increase in the popularity of this hobby, it is certainly a very useful  and interesting object to have in your house.
This clock is unusual for a skeleton clock in that it has a revolving seconds hand and a long pendulum swing making the clock look alive the excellent acrylic case shows this off to advantage and protects the clock from the steam and smoke of the kitchen !!
An acrylic display case is a perfect companion for your skeleton clock as it will protect it from dust, as well as the steam and smoke of the kitchen. Once the clock gets damp it is prone to rusting, as well as making the dust harder to remove.
Buying the display case from Widdowsons means you not only get a top quality product, you get it made to the perfect size to show your clock to its best.
You can get a custom sized acrylic display case with a wooden base here. Just enter your sizes for an instant quote, you can also choose your own base colours to best match your clock and its surroundings.
The customer who made the clock in the image made his own base and we just supplied the cover.