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1:18 Model Car Display Cases

Model 1:18 scale cars are hugely popular, with the biggest manufacturers being Minichamps, Maisto, AUTOart, Bburago, CMC and Paragon Models to name but a few, if you are looking to expand your collection, the biggest range we have found is at  Most on-line stores offering 1:18 scale models will also supply custom number plates as well, this makes an ideal personalised gift for your loved one.
But lets get down to the important bit, you can’t keep them out in the open, they will get dusty, kids will play with them and they will get damaged. You need a display case, and we have the widest range you have ever seen, whether you want to display them singly, in a group, on a wall or on a table. Have a look at what we make, and if you have an idea for a perfect display that we don’t have, just let us know.
Measuring to check the fit: When measuring your model cars for our display cases please bear in mind that we call the width of the display case the distance from left to right and the depth is from front to back,  but when you measure your car you will naturally think of the length of the car and the width of the car. In the vast majority of cases the models will be displayed side on, so the length of your car has to fit within the width of our display case, and the width of your car has to fit within the depth of our display case. A certain amount of clearance is needed around the model car to stop it looking ‘cramped’ in the display box. We have very carefully chosen our sizes to enable a good amount of clearance to fit most cars, but due to the extremely high number of different sizes and shapes of cars there is bound to be a few examples of cars that do not fit well. If your model is unique enough not to suit the stock sizes we offer then we can still make one in any of the single car styles to any size you want. Just measure it and go to the home page to enter your sizes to get an instant quote.
If your 1:18 scale model car is supplied on its own base, then you will have a couple of options, if the base has a lip around the outside of it that a 3mm thick cover could locat onto then you can order a custom size cover to go onto that, remember we make our display cases to the inside sizes supplied by the customer, so if you ordered a display cover 300mm x 200mm, we would make a display cover that size on the inside, the outside size would be 306mm x 206mm, ideally it will be best to send us the base and we can make it a perfect fit.
The other option is to make sure that the display base supplied with your model will fit inside of our display case, this is the best option.

Tabletop Model Display Cases

Single 1:18 car display cases are basically available in three heights, we have 125mm high display cases for most large cars, 100mm high display cases for Formula One Cars and convertibles  and we have 80mm high versions that are strictly for Formula One model cars. The width and depth of each of the single car display cases are pretty much the same on all of them, which is 325mm wide x 150mm deep.
We have several different styles of tabletop display boxes, so you will need to make a choice based on the type of car you are displaying and also on the furniture and surroundings of the room that the model will be displayed in. They all have the same type of cover, it is made from 3mm thick acrylic and just lifts off the base, they all locate onto the base to stop them just sliding off.
The traditional wooden base version has a choice of colours that the wooden frame can be made in, and also a choice of colours for the central display area as well. This is by far the1:18 Car Display Box with Wooden Base TD012 most adaptable one, though the vast majority of our customers choice black frame and black central display area. The cover locates on top of the central display area and inside of the wooden frame, which has an approximate 10mm low profile. Please click here to see our display cases for 1:18 scale model cars with wooden bases, in a choice of colours.
Modern 1:18 Formula One Car Display Case MD024The modern showcase has 2 layers of acrylic for the base, separated by highly contemporary stainless steel supports in each corner. The lower of the two bases is slightly larger than the outside size of the cover so the cover sits on top of it, whereas the upper base is slightly smaller than the inside size of the cover, so the cover slides over this and is held in place by it.
This style is available in two colours, shiny gloss black, or clear. Please click here to see our modern 1:18 scale mode car display cases. Please click here to see our modern range of display cases for 1:18 scale model cars.
The plain plastic box version is also of a modern appearance, but this has a single layer of 5mm thick acrylic for the base, which gives a very minimalistic solution to your display needs, also because this display is supplied with four non slip rubber feet, they can easily be stacked on top of each other. These are also available with a choice of clear or shiny gloss black acrylic bases.
The cover only can also be ordered on its own, this is ideal if you are making your own base, or a diorama.
Model Car Display Cabinet with Shelves
As well as the above single model display cases, we also have sometabletop shelved display cabinets. These have a similar double base to the modern versions of our displays, but without the stainless steel supports. These are supplied with three or four fixed shelves, the four shelf version has less space in between each shelf so is more suited to Formula One cars, convertibles and sports cars. The covers on these just lift off the same as on our other tabletop displays, the shelves are fixed to the bases. These are also available with a choice of base colours, including clear or gloss black acrylic. Please click here to see out shelved 1:18 scale model car tabletop cabinets

Wall Display Cabinets

Model Car Display CabinetOur uniquely styled wall display cabinets come in a choice of three shelves or four shelves, again these are the same exterior size as each other but the height between the shelves is smaller in the four shelf version in order to accommodate the extra shelves, the four shelf version is designed for Formula One cars, convertibles and sports cars, whereas the three shelf cabinet is for the larger higher cars. They are wide enough to display two cars end on end, so viewable from the side on. The beauty of these cabinets is that there is no frame to block the light like on conventional wooden cabinets, so there is no need for interior lighting, the light from your room should be more than enough, or you can fit a light above them. Please click here to see our wall display cabinets for 1:18 scale cars.
We hope we have covered every aspect of displaying your prized 1:18 scale models, but please let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

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