Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Football Boot Display Cases

Our football boot display cases are made from acrylic, which has several major advantages over the glass football boot display solutions available from other sources,  Acrylic will block out the dust and stop people rubbing at the signatures to see if they smudge much the same as a glass showcase, but the biggest advantage of having an acrylic display is the fact that it will block out over 90% of the UV light that will damage your signatures over time. We have a display case for you whether you want to display one football boot or two.
They are all designed for a size 11 football boots, though you can use them for smaller or larger ones, by having more or less clearance around the football boot(s). To make sure of your desired fit you should take note of the sizes of the display cases and measure your football boots. Ours are all 350mm long which should fit the vast majority of boots. They can of course be used to display your trainers or any other shoes you have, just double check your measurements. If however you do need a slightly different size you can get an instant quote and order online through our custom display case builder on our home page, all of the following sizes are available to your sizes, and only take 3 – 10 days to make.
Modern football display case with a clear base
Modern football display case with a clear base
We have a much wider variety of tabletop versions, these all consist of a display base, with a removable plastic display cover. The cover is basically a clear plastic box with an open bottom, which will locate onto the various styles of bases below. To gain access to your signed football boot all you need to do is lift off the cover and take out the football boot(s).
Tabletop Wooden Base: The first one we introduced was the one with a wooden base, the wooden base consists of a wooden frame around the outside and the inside is about 3mm (an eighth of an inch) higher than the interior surface, this forms a raised outside edge which the cover will locate inside. The outside wooden
Football boot display case with a wooden base
Football boot display case with a wooden base
frame is available in three colours, Mahogany, Light Oak and Black Ash. The interior display area, is totally flat and is covered in a soft cloth baize material, this is available in a variety of colours, we currently have available black, red, blue, green, cream and moss green. This gives eighteen possible colour combinations which should allow you to match your particular autographed football boot and its surroundings perfectly.  This product is available in two sizes, one for a single boot and one for a pair of boots. Click here to see our  football boot display case with a wooden base.
Tabletop Modern Base: The display case we call our modern design, has the same cover as the other display cases, but the base on this one is different, it is constructed from 5mm thick acrylic/plexiglass, it has too layers held apart by stainless steel corner posts. The lower base is slightly larger than the outside size of the display cover, so the cover sits on top of the lower base, the upper base is slightly smaller than the inside size of the display cover, so the cover will slide over this layer and that is what locates the cover, and stops it from sliding or getting knocked off the base. It is available in two colour bases, and two sizes (singe boot or a pair of boots) you have a choice of a gloss black acrylic base, or a clear acrylic base. Click here to see our modern football boot display cases.
Flat Acrylic Base: Our last choice of football boot display box for you is the one with a flat acrylic base, it is slightly cheaper than the modern design, but still looking fairly contemporary. It has a flat 5mm thick acrylic base, which has a rebate around the outside that makes a lip for the display top to locate onto. This is not listed as a football boot display box, but is the perfect size. They are supplied with four rubber feet which are not
Flat base display case
Flat base display case
affixed to the display case, this is so that you can put them on the bottom of the base and use as a conventional display case, or you can put them on top of the lid so that you can use the display case upside down as a box with a removable lid instead. It is available with a  choice of either black or clear for the base/lid. The advantage of this display box is that they can be stacked on top of each other.If you don’t want a plinth/base for your football boot display, or you would like to make your own then we have the display cover available separately. These again are available in two sizes, suitable for a single boot or a pair of boots. These can be found in the display box section.
We hope we have covered every scenario for displaying your signed football boot, but please let us know if you have any other requirements or ideas.

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