Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rockwave Seismometer

The Rockwave VS1 Seismometer is a custom made tool which can be used to monitor global earthquake activity. It contains a small weight known as the ‘Proof Mass’ attached to a carbon fibre beam, supported by a spring. When an earthquake is happening the seismic waves will cause the ground to move up and down and subsequently the seismometer will move up and down with the earthquake too.  In order to keep the seismometer from harm’s way and not to skew the results by knocking it they’re placed in our custom display cases to keep the dust out and keep them safe. Many seismometers have skewed
The seismometer comes with a custom version of the AmaSeis data logging program which is used for recording, analysing and charting seismic data. The custom program can export and import event files for exchanging with other users around the world. The VS1 Seismometer is great for children who are keen on science as it can help them learn about earthquakes, geology, the earth’s interior and even issues which are related to earthquakes such as humanitarian aid etc.
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