Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Display Case for the TitanFall Collectors Edition

The latest edition to our range of display cases is for the Titanfall Collectors Edition, we have decided to make this with the modern black base as the gloss black acrylic goes nicely with the metallic colouring of the model. You can see a video of the display case below, or you can buy it from our website at http://www.widdowsonsltd.co.uk/dc/Titanfall-Statuette-Display-Case.html.
This is a fairly lightweight model for its size, and has many small difficult to dust parts so we are sure you will benefit from one of our acrylic display cases to protect it. If you would like a pen sized hole drilled into the side to enable you to poke a pen into it and press the button on the base of this model then please choose that option from the menu on the ordering page of our website.

We will ship it worldwide, so distance is not an object. If you want this made to a different size or with a different colour or style of base then please let us know.

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