Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Premises and a Model Ship

Its been a while since our last post, the reason for this is that we have moved to new premises and we have been so busy over the last six months setting everything up again we haven't had time to post. As well as the move to new premises we are very pleased to have invested in several new machines to improve the quality of our product even more, you will see from reading the reviews on our website that our customers are among the happiest in the land. Thankyou to all who had the time to write a review.

Also a reminder that if you have a story behind your display case please share with us by email so we can post on this blog, or share on one of our social media sites.

We have here an image sent in by Jim, one of our happy customers, to protect his HMS Victory model, he received the display case for his 60th birthday and had an oak shelf professionally fitted to support the model and display case. This is not something we would normally recommend as it would be heart-breaking if it fell off the wall, but this has proved very successful for Jim, he must have very strong walls.

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