Friday, 14 June 2013

Rugby Ball Display Cases

Display cases are great for displaying your collectibles and memorabilia. Whether it be toy cars or rugby balls there is always a display case that is suitable for your item. Since the famous Rugby World Cup win in 2003, rugby has increased in popularity. Therefore it will come as no surprise that the demand for rugby memorabilia has somewhat increased too. If you were to acquire a famous match ball from a big game, it is only fair it gets displayed properly, isn’t it?

We have a vast selection of attractive rugby ball display cases available that would do your rugby ball justice.  

Wooden Base Rugby Ball
Acrylic Display Case
Wooden Base - There are 3 options for the colour of the wooden base in Mahogany, Oak and Black ash. There is baize place on the top and the bottom. The baize on the bottom is non-slip to avoid it falling off or damaging your furniture and on top the baize can be of a colour of your choice. The display cover is 3mm thick UV blocking acrylic which obviously protects it from UV lights and dust.  

Modern Acrylic Rugby Ball Case with a Black Base
Modern Acrylic - We have a plethora of varying modern acrylic display cases for rugby balls.

Modern Acrylic Rugby Ball Case with a Black Base - The base is made out of 2 layers of 5mm glossed black acrylic which will give off a nice reflection of the Rugby Ball. Four pieces of machined stainless steel are placed on each corner to keep both bases stable. Like the wooden base acrylic display case, the modern type also has 3mm thick UV blocking acrylic. This type of case is available in both vertical and horizontal styles.

Modern Acrylic Rugby Ball Case with a Clear Base - Virtually the same as the case above but this one has a clear base.
Wall Display Case for a
Rugby Ball

Modern Acrylic Wall Stand Display Case - This case is again very similar to the other modern display cases that have been mentioned. The difference is that it is made to go on the wall which can be great for show piecing your item. It is easy to put up and can pretty much go anywhere you want it within your house.  

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