Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why use an acrylic display case?

People can often associate collecting a number of items or products as something you may have done when you were a child. The obsession for many would have began as a child where boys would collect Pokemon cards and girls would collect dolls. However, there is a massive market for collectables and memorabilia nowadays for a variety of products for all ages. At times it isn’t a cheap hobby and you could find yourself forking out a fair bit of money for some of the older and more desirable memorabilia.
With this in mind, I think it’s only fair to display these products around your home. Too often these once precious items are stored away either in attics, basements or into cardboard boxes never to be seen again. A sophisticated way of showcasing your collections or memorabilia is by displaying them in an acrylic display case. One of the great attributes of an acrylic display case is their versatility. No matter the size or weight of the product, there will be a display case to suit your requirements.  

What can you put in your acrylic display case?

  • Sports memorabilia - Shirts, signed balls, boxing gloves and footwear.
  • Model Ship Display cases
  • Toy Collections
  • Movie memorabilia
  • Antiques  

We can cater for all the above and much more so if you require more information on our products feel free to leave a message or visit our website at

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