Friday, 28 June 2013

Wedding Day memories for all to see

Something borrowed; something was the happiest day of your life full of treasured memories. So if like us you don’t feel the odd wedding photo on the wall or mantelpiece does it justice, why not make a proper show of it?

We bet you’ve got a box of wedding day treasures safely tucked away gathering dust. Is it in the wardrobe, the loft or the garage? Well it’s time to unearth it and showcase your memories for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve got the perfect solution, an acrylic display case. Just think you can put your wedding cake topper in one, your preserved bouquet in another, in fact you can have a dedicated case for all your wedding day bits and bobs. There’s your ‘save the date’ card and your guest book with all of those lovely comments. But of course it’s up to you what treasures from the happy occasion make the final cut.

Most memorabilia from your wedding day won’t be of an excessive or strange size and will probably fit into one of our standard Acrylic Display Cases. But should you need something bespoke, we are able to make a custom-sized case for you. Your objects of love deserve to be shown off in the best possible way.

Depending on where you want to display your wedding memories – on shelves or as wall cabinets – we will have something suitable for you in these ranges.

Caring for your display cases
Acrylic is much lighter than glass and less likely to smash. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little care and attention. We polish our acrylic cases with an anti-static cloth before they leave our premises. This ensures they have protection from scratches. Once in your care it is best to apply an anti-static barrier product such as Mr Sheen furniture polish. Don’t worry you only need to do this about once every 2–4 weeks to deter dust from collecting. It also helps to protect against scratches, but you don’t need to do this every time you dust.

Just promise you’ll never use window or glass cleaners or any other solvent based preparations as they encourage the acrylic to crack.

Don’t worry if your case or cases do get scratched. Just rub a little metal polish such as Brasso into the crack and rub it in straight lines. This will cause the scratch to fade or disappear. Don’t forget to ‘Mr Sheen’ it afterwards for protection.

You’ll find all the details you need about payment and delivery on our website Happy showcasing.

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